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    Refinancing is one of the most important thing to do when you have a home loan.

    Refinancing can be a great strategy for using your home loan to help you get ahead financially. But changing lenders often come with fees and upfront costs, so it’s important you get it right

    Prime Loans can help you:

    1. Reduce your mortgage repayments
    2. Get access to funds so that you can buy an investment property
    3. Get access to funds to upgrade / renovate your house
    4. Improve your finances

    Learn throughout your journey with Prime Loans

    The Power of Equity

    Interest Rate Differences

    Refinancing Process

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of refinancing?

    The main purpose of refinancing is to:

    1. Reduce your current interest rate thus your ongoing loan repayments
    2. Extract the equity out of your home (or in simple terms the money you have made over time as house prices has increased)
    3. Change the type of loan you currently have in place e.g. interest only vs principle and interest
    How often should I refinance?

    Refinancing should be done annually to ensure you are paying the lowest rates / the product that is better suited as your circumstances change. 

    How long does it take to refinance my home loan?

    Loans can be approved in a few weeks although there are a number of factors that may extend this time such as your availability to provide supporting documents and the number of requests currently with the lender. 

    Why is refinancing important?

    Whether you are looking to reduce the interest rate, change the loan type or even extract the equity for genuine reasons, refinancing can simply better your financial position. E.g. pay less monthly repayments or put your equity money into something that will have a return on investment such as home renovations. 

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